Import Products to Your Store

Import Products to Your Store

Importing products to your store can be done using our CSV template or our Excel CSV template. To get the CSV/Excel template:

1. On the Dashboard, select the Products section.

2. On the screen, select the "Import" button.

3. Select either the CSV Template button or the Excel Template button to display the template for importing products in Salespoint.

Once the CSV/Excel template has been downloaded to your device, open the file and fill it in with the correct information.

Name of the Product. For example, "Coffee".

The category in which the product will be placed. This category will be displayed on the sale screen, and the product will be listed within it. For example, "Hot Drinks".

Also known as the "Barcode". Fill this field if your products have barcodes that can be scanned. For example, "012345667".

The supplier of your product. Useful for tracking and ordering stock.

Supplier Code
A unique code that identifies the supplier of the goods. This code can be added to stock orders to help suppliers identify products by their own barcodes.

The price at which you want customers to purchase the product.

Cost Price
The total cost associated with the item, including production, shipping, and other expenses. This reflects the amount of money it takes to produce the item.

Wholesale Price
The cost of the product from the manufacturer or distributor to the retailer. Wholesale involves selling bulk goods to other businesses at discounted prices.

A description of the product. Useful for enabling e-commerce or providing additional information about the product.

Track Stock Levels
Indicates if stock levels for the product should be tracked. Use "TRUE/FALSE" in this column. For example, use "TRUE" if you want to track stock levels for the product.

Stock Level
The initial stock level you want to have for the product. For example, if you have 100 units of the product in stock before making any sales, enter "100".

Low Stock Level
The threshold at which a low stock alert will be triggered. For example, if you want to be alerted when the stock level reaches 10 units, enter "10" in this field.

Order Quantity
The quantity of product that will be deducted from stock when sold. For example, if selling 1 coffee deducts 1 from stock, enter "1".

Sales Screen
A toggle indicating if the product should be displayed as a button on the sales screen. Use "TRUE/FALSE". For example, enter "TRUE" if you want the product to be displayed.

Parent Category
A sub-category within a category. For example, if the category is "Hot Drinks", the parent category can be "Drinks". Not necessary for all products, but advisable for organizing large inventories.

Kitchen Print
For hospitality or other businesses where products need to be sent to the kitchen for preparation. Use "TRUE/FALSE". For example, enter "TRUE" if coffee needs to be prepared in the kitchen.

Quantity From Scales
Indicates if the product will be sold using scales. Use "TRUE/FALSE".

Leave this field blank. Used for products with options, such as different flavors or sizes.

Once done, download your CSV/Excel file and import it into Salespoint. This will load the products. Double-check the columns and click the next button, then verify, then click the IMPORT button. This will load the products to your screen in no time!

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