Utilizing Product Coreduction and Stock Control

Create Product Correduction

Set Up Product Co-reduction

Salespoint offers a feature where, upon the purchase of a product, the co-reduced product's stock is also reduced. This is especially beneficial for the hospitality industry; for instance, when a customer orders a pint, the stock of the keg co-reducted from the pint also decreases. This feature is valuable for businesses that want to track the sales impact on larger products. To set up product co-reduction:

  1. On the dashboard, navigate to the Products tab.
  2. Select the product for which you want to co-reduce with your larger products.
  3. In the Stock section, enable "Track Stock Level."
  4. In the Co-reduction field, specify the products whose stock should be reduced when this product is sold.
  5. Press save after making the changes.

Ensure that "Track Stock Level" is also enabled for the product that is undergoing co-reduction.

Using Co-reduction for Reducing Stock Control

For example, if a glass of chardonnay comes from a bottle of chardonnay, and you want to reduce its stock per glass, you can simply change the number in the "Reduce by Stock" field. For instance, for a bottle, it is 1 liter, and per glass, it's 250ml, so you will need to either input 1/4 or 0.25.

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