SalesPoint POS Makes Sales Easy

A simple and easy to use interface makes sales effortless, reducing customer waiting time and staff training time.

  • Easy to Use

    SalesPoint has a simple and easy to use interface. You and your staff will need next to no training.

  • Quick Access

    Large buttons give you one tap access to the things you sell. Everything is arranged automatically, popular products are bigger – so there’s no need to manually lay everything out.

  • Split Payments

    Customers often want to divide up payments, SalesPoint makes it easy to automatically split payments or let customers pay for items individually until the bill is settled.

  • Email Receipts

    Email receipts to your customers and build up your mailing list at the same time. Your customers will receive a carbon copy of their printed receipt.

  • Quick Recall

    Recall the last sale, or a sale from 20 minutes ago in two to three taps!

  • Notes

    Add notes to your sales and customers so that each sale can be customized individually.

  • Invoice

    Invoice customers at the press of a button. Print and then recall when the customer wants to proceed with the sale.

  • Customers

    Build your customer database and track your sales to customers by entering their details when making a sale.

  • Works Offline

    If your internet connection goes down, SalesPoint still allows staff to sign in and make sales.

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