Sales Reports Anywhere, Any Time

Reports give you access to valuable insights into your business and how it's performing.

  • Access Anywhere

    SalesPoint reports are accessible from any laptop, desktop or mobile device.

  • Quick Overview

    See your sales reports in a glance – total sales, popular items, a 24-hour history and even previous days are displayed on a single page.

  • KPIs

    Create key performance indicators so you can set and track goals. KPIs are a simple yet powerful tool to help you motivate and grow.

  • Profit, Commission and Tax

    See what are the most profitable products and get a total gross profit report for the day. Generate commission or tax reports just as easy!

  • Details

    Details are also important, see each sale – down to individual payments and products. Select any date to customize how much data you will see.

  • Inventory Reports

    Find out what isn't selling during a time period with Zero Sales reports. SalesPoint will help you reduce the number of product lines you manage.

  • Retail and Cost History

    SalesPoint keeps track of the entire history of your product cost and retail price so you can see historical trends from the very beginning.

  • Staff Actions

    See which staff are performing, giving discounts, when they're busy, when they get to work and any action they take on a sale.

  • Export

    One tap and SalesPoint gives you a CSV, Excel, PDF or printout of any report. You can then import the sales into your favorite spreadsheet or accounting package.

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