Run your restaurant or cafe with SalesPoint

SalesPoint includes a lot of great features to free up your staff to make your restaurant or cafe's customer service even better

  • Tables

    Assign customers to tables and add their order to the table. The easy to use designer lets you lay out your floor plan in minutes.

  • Temporary Tables

    If you give your customers a number to sit down with you can use temporary tables to keep track of the sale.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Give customers rewards for dining with you, make every 10th coffee free and let customers build up loyalty points.

  • Take Aways

    Manage your queue of take aways, get warnings when they're taking too long and track delivery services.

  • Split Payments

    Split payments allow you to split up the bill between people, either as an even split or by allowing each customer to pay for just their items.

  • Customer Feedback

    Remind staff to check up on guests, and enter their real feedback into SalesPoint so that you can make sure the level of service is at its highest.

  • Gift Vouchers

    Sell, track, and report on gift vouchers.

  • Order Numbers

    Automatically add order numbers to the customers receipt and the kitchen order receipt to track items to customers.

  • Eat In/Take Away

    Prompt the staff member then print whether or not the item is eat in or take away on the receipt.

  • Kitchen Tickets

    Automatically send orders to the kitchen printer with instructions, or re-use your customer receipt printer to print kitchen orders.

  • Options

    Options allow you to give items a range of choices, such as sauces, seasoning and anything else which makes what you sell customizable!

  • Guest Number Capture

    Notify the kitchen how many guests are being served and get reports at the end of the day.

  • Plus...

    Happy hour discounts, sale notes, customer loyalty, gift vouchers and much more!

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