Affordable point of sale starts with SalesPoint

Android tablets are the most cost effective hardware and SalesPoint is the most cost effective POS software.

SalesPoint Android App
  • Easy to use

    SalesPoint is just as simple to use on Android as it is on Windows or iPad.

  • EFTPOS Integration

    Full EFTPOS integration is available to eliminate errors and significantly reduce processing time.

  • Use Any Printer

    Print customer receipts and kitchen tickets. SalesPoint Android works with most receipt printers over USB, Bluetooth or LAN.

  • Native Android

    SalesPoint Android is a native fully-featured Android app - making it very fast and responsive. Web browser based POS is slow, lacking in functionality and real hardware integration.

  • Works Offline

    If your internet connection goes down, SalesPoint still allows staff to sign in and make sales.

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