Retail, it's where we started

SalesPoint was started for a retail store and as you'd expect - SalesPoint does it the best

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Inventory Management

SalesPoint has full inventory management with automatic stock tracking so than you can see your stock levels from anywhere, and get reports on items which require re-ordering.

Customer Loyalty

Give your customers something back with the built in loyalty system. Customers can be given X amount per dollar spent, or can be grouped into categories which get discounts on certain items.

Profit & Revenue

The reports give you a quick glance as your profit and revenue, or a fully comprehensive look at each sale. Access your reports from anywhere!

Stock Value

See the value of your entire stock, over cost, retail and markup value.


Park sales which will be completed later. Add payments as they are made. Recall the sale when it's ready to be completed.

Email Receipts

Save the planet and its trees by emailing your customer a receipt rather than printing it out, and at the same time - add them to your customer database!

Product Options

Options allow you to give your products choices, i.e. small and large.


Recommend the staff try to up-sell or sell complementing products. A camera will need a memory card.


Gift vouchers, pricing calculator, suppliers and much more!

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