Track bookings and customers with SalesPoint

The built-in calendar will help you manage bookings for your staff or tables.

SalesPoint Calendar Bookings Screenshot
  • SMS Reminders

    Send text messages to your customers to remind them of an upcoming appointment. Friendly reminders via SMS greatly reduce missed appointments and wasted time.

  • Online

    Take bookings online via SalesPoint e-commerce. Giving customers the ability to book on your website greatly increases number of bookings and customer satisfaction.

  • Staff Bookings

    Take bookings for specific staff and view how the week looks for everyone.

  • Table Bookings

    Plan your number of covers in advance by booking tables with SalesPoint.

  • Hospo, Spa & Beauty, Salons etc

    A calendar goes a long way to help you get organised. Used in any environment SalesPoint Calendar will help you focus on client satisfaction

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