Your Inventory, Fully Tracked

Manage your entire inventory with ease, SalesPoints powerful features allow you full control over how products are sold and tracked.

  • Automatic Tracking

    Stock levels are automatically adjusted across multiple stores when sales are made. Customize when the stock level is considered low and should be re-ordered.

  • Orders and Returns

    Create stock orders and returns. Print and email the order to your suppliers at the press of a button. Completing orders and returns automatically adjust stock levels!

  • Universal

    Products are available wherever you go and wherever you use SalesPoint - there's no need to re-enter products for every POS terminal. And our web interface allows you to edit anything - anywhere.

  • One Product, Many Options

    Add as many options to a product as you like. Options allow you to sell one item with different configurations (i.e. small or large) and the price can be adjusted accordingly.

  • Massive Discounts

    Discount items on certain days, times or for some customer groups. With SalesPoint you can have happy hour style discounts or even store-wide discounts.

  • Upselling Reminders

    Selling a computer but want to make sure staff try and sell a USB peripheral? Recommended products will pop up when they scan or select a product.

  • Stock Take

    The super fast and easy to use stock take mode allows you to scan and adjust stock levels at lightning speed!

  • Print, Export

    Print or export your entire inventory or stock levels so you can view it in Excel or on a real piece of paper.

  • Co-reductions

    Reduce the quantity of supporting products, co-reductions allow the automatic reduction of another products stock level when another is sold.

  • Plus...

    Categories, suppliers, label printing, photos, pricing calculator, combos, barcode embedded prices and many more other amazing features!

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