We want point of sale to make running a business easier

For over 10 years we've been working with people to build the best point of sale available.

We, and our customers, believe that SalesPoint achieves this.

Where it started


SalesPoint was created for a clothing store in the Christchurch CBD.

The first cloud based point of sale at the time, disaster struck on February 22, 2011.

Out of the earthquakes the only thing recoverable was the point of sale, fortunately all the data back backed up into the cloud.


Make it work for everyone.

After the benefits of having a cloud based POS system were made very apparent, efforts begun to turn SalesPoint into a more broadly available product.

Starting with a focus on retail, focus eventually turned to hospitality as well.


Multiple businesses are using SalesPoint.

By 2012 several businesses are using SalesPoint. Finding us only through word of mouth, never having spent a cent on advertising.

All of these businesses are still our product in 2023, we are incredibly honoured and proud of this.

Electric Ave - The First Cloud POS Business

Electric Ave in 2010 - The first business cloud POS driven business.