Accelerate Customer Service

Serve customers faster in your grocery store using SalesPoint.

  • Stock Control

    SalesPoint has full stock control automatic tracking so than you can see your stock levels from anywhere, and get reports on items which require re-ordering.

  • Pre-weighed Items

    Use weigh scales that print a ready made barcode with the product price and scan it straight into SalesPoint.

  • Customer Accounts

    Charge accounts let your customers make purchases then send invoices and statements all from SalesPoint.

  • Scale Support

    Plug in scales and SalesPoint will automatically read the weight and calculate the cost.

  • Print Weighed Barcodes

    Using scales and a label printer SalesPoint makes a cost effect weigh scale solution.

  • Profit & Revenue Reports

    Get insights into which products are performing the best and which product lines need to be refreshed or discontinued.

  • Stock Value

    See the value of your entire stock, over cost, retail and markup value.

  • Gift Cards

    Sell, track, and report on gift cards.

  • Lay-by

    Park sales which will be completed later. Add payments as they are made. Recall the sale when it's ready to be completed.

  • Email Receipts

    Save the planet and its trees by emailing your customer a receipt rather than printing it out, and at the same time - add them to your customer database!

  • Customer Display

    Use a secondary display to show your customers purchased items, totals or a promotional slideshow.

  • Plus...

    Gift vouchers, pricing calculator, suppliers and much more!

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