Save up to 20% on annual plans

Lite Perfect for new or small businesses
$ 29 + GST /mo
    • 50 Products
    • 600 Customers/Sales
    • 1 Staff
    • 1 Register
    • Online Support
    • Limited Functionality
E-commerce Only Start selling online without a cash register
$ 39 + GST /mo
+ 1% Of Sales
payment gateway fees may apply
    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Customers/Sales
    • Free Onboarding & Training
    • Phone Support
    • Full Functionality
Premium Have a lot of customers or high turn over?
$ 129 + GST /mo
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Customers/Sales
  • Unlimited Staff
  • 1 Register
  • Priority Online Support
  • Full Functionality
Multi Store/Lane For large or very busy businesses
FROM $ 199 + GST /mo
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Customers/Sales
  • Unlimited Staff
  • Multiple Stores & Registers
  • Priority Online & Phone Support
  • Full Functionality
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Prices valid until Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Additional Registers/Lanes

$39 /month

Phone Support

$29 to $49 /month

E-commerce & Online Orders

$39 + 1% Of Sales /month

Hardware Lease (includes premium)

from $79 /week

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up and use SalesPoint completely free, without any payment info or restrictions, for 30 days.
If paying monthly you will be billed every month on the 20th of the follwing month of your trial beginning. You can pay with direct bank deposit, automatic payment, direct debit, or credit card.

If paying annually you will pay up front and your account will be credited for 12 months following the month of your trial beginning.
SalesPoint is a service. The same way you pay for your phone plan - you pay for what you use as you use it.

SalesPoint reduces IT expenses by providing a complete end-to-end solution. We take total care of your POS - backups, upgrades and support.
No. You are free to leave at any time. Our competitors will try to lock you into a contract because they lack confidence in their product or your business! We keep this rule as a way of ensuring we provide a service where the customer is in control.

If you require a minimum term of service - we will happily provide a contract.
No. Some of our competitors sell your data as a way of supplementing the fees they charge. Only you (and the people you allow) can access your data. Senior engineers can access some details for the sole purpose of support and their actions are monitored.

SalesPoint isn't free because you are not the product.
SalesPoint will automatically detect this and we will bill you accordingly. Contact us if you plan on using more than one register.
No, the prices exclude GST. GST will be added on in your invoice.
All prices are in NZD. 1 NZD = 0.65 USD.
It really means unlimited - we don't place a limit on what you can use with premium plans.
No way, the prices above cover everything. Support, backups and software licensing.
Your account will temporarily be disabled until payment is set up, no data will be deleted.
Charities and non-profit organizations qualify for a discounted version of the software. Contact us to find out more.