Windows Register Settings

Setting Up Tables and Takeaway Queue

To access the Register Settings, please sign out from your store. Press the "Settings" icon on the Sign-In screen to access the register settings.


Point Name:
Changing the point name is better if you have many devices running Salespoint.

Name of your point

The current store where the register is located.

The role the window is playing, e.g., Server, Client, or Stand-Alone.


The type of integrated EFTPOS (if any)


Depending on the selected integrated EFTPOS type, there may be more options available. Please contact your provider for the values used for these settings.

Open Cash Drawer On Payment:
Open the cash drawer whenever a customer pays via EFTPOS.


Print Receipt:
Determines how you would like to print a receipt

Receipt Printer:
None - no printer
Network ESC/POS - a network-connected ESC/POS capable printer (IP address and port required)
USB ESC/POS - a USB-connected ESC/POS capable printer (USB permissions required)
Bluetooth ESC/POS - a Bluetooth-connected ESC/POS capable printer (USB permissions required)
On Device - The receipt printer built-in on Android will be used.

Kitchen Printer(s):
An option for hospitality if a store has a different printer for kitchen food orders.


Cash Drawer:
If your store has a cash drawer, select from the dropdown where it is connected.

Barcode Scanner:
If a barcode scanner is connected to the Windows device, it will be able to scan and read barcodes.

Customer Display:
A customer-facing display, also known as a customer-facing screen or dual screen, shows all order information to customers during checkout.

Select the scale that your store uses for measuring the weight of goods.


Full Screen:
Activate the full-screen mode for the app.

Touch Screen Keyboard:
This feature is particularly helpful for devices without a physical keyboard. It generates an on-screen keyboard when you use the app.

Show the "Sale Completed" Dialog:
A pop-up dialogue will appear to show that a sale was completed. An option for printing or emailing the receipt will be asked with it.

Show the "Kitchen Print" Dialog:
A pop-up dialogue will ask if a product needs to be printed as a kitchen order.

Product Button Images:
Allow an image on a product button

Currency Input:
Currency input allows a user to enter a monetary value that will be auto-formatted to match the currency. When this is enabled, putting $1 becomes $0.01

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