Importing Staff to Your Store

Importing Staff to Your Store

Importing staff to your store can be done using our CSV template or our Excel CSV template. To get the CSV/Excel template:

1. On the Dashboard, select Settings, and under Settings, select Staff.

2. On the screen, select the "Import" button.

3. Choose either the CSV Template button or the Excel Template button to display the template for importing products in Salespoint.

Once the CSV/Excel template has been downloaded to your device, open the file and fill it in with the correct information.

Name: Full name of the Staff Member. This is a required field.

Username: Username for login purposes. This should only be lowercase without spaces or special characters. This is a required field.

Password: Password for the login of the user.

Quick Code: This is a number field only. This is useful for logging in faster.

Type: What staff members can access with the POS. For example, "Sales, Reports, Sales & Report, Admin, Custom". This can be changed later on.

Once done, download your CSV/Excel file and import it into Salespoint. This will load the staff. Double-check the columns and click the next button, then verify, then click the IMPORT button. This will load the staff to your screen in no time!

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