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Staff Overview

To set up staff members in your store, log in to your store, go to the Dashboard, and then navigate to "Settings." Under the Sub Category, select "Staff." This is where you can view all your staff and specific staff for individual stores.

Add Staff Members

If you need to add a new staff member to your team, you can do so by selecting the "Add" button. Adding staff members is essential for various reasons, such as improving the efficiency of your store operations, ensuring excellent customer service, and delegating tasks effectively.

Full Name
This is how staff may be referred to on receipts.

User Name
This username with which your staff member will be signing in.

This is the password with which your staff member will be signing in.

Quick Code
(Optional) Optimize signing in using a PIN.


If staff member has access to the dashboard, they can only open it via website. Dashboard cannot be accessed by staff members through the app.

Edit Staff Hours

To view the hours of a specific staff member, simply click on their name. This will take you to their profile where you can find general information about them. To make any changes to their hours, navigate to the "Hours" section.

Staff Settings

The staff member can print a sales overview while signing out.

Staff Switching
Our system allows for seamless staff switching while keeping them signed in. This feature is especially useful for switching between staff members after completing a sale or after parking a sale.

Quick Code
Staff members can sign in by entering a pin. The quick code's number of digits can be modified if the feature is activated.

Staff Permissions

Modifies the access to the store's products for the staff members.e.g. Allow staff members to add products/change product stock levels.

Change the staff members' access to the store's customers. eg. Allow staff members to pay customers' charge account.

Change the staff members' access to the store's register. eg. Allow staff members to see the estimated cash amount.

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