Maintaining Stock Control

Order Stock From a Supplier

1. Log into the administration screen (Dashboard/ Back office). Go to the “Products” tab then select the "Stock Control" subcategory. To order stock, press the "New" Button and select "Order".

2. When ordering stock from a supplier, make sure to include the following order details:

Select the name of the supplier from whom you are placing the order. This ensures clarity and avoids any confusion regarding the source of the stock.

Reference Notes
Include any relevant reference notes or order references that will help both you and the supplier identify and track the order.

Indicate the specific store or location where the ordered stock will be sent. This is important if you have multiple stores or distribution centers and want to ensure accurate delivery to the intended destination.

3. Select "Next" and continue filling the rest of the order. Please follow these steps:

    Add Products
    Enter the names or codes of the products that need to be restocked. You can typically do this by typing or selecting the products from a list or search bar.

    Specify Quantity
    Indicate the quantity of each product that you wish to order.

    Expected Date of Arrival
    If applicable, provide an optional expected date of arrival for the order. This helps the supplier to prioritize and plan the delivery accordingly.

4. Take a moment to review the order details to ensure accuracy and completeness. Verify that the products, quantities, and any other relevant information are correct before proceeding.

5. Click the "Create Order" button to finalize the order submission.

Receiving Stock

To update the inventory upon the arrival of new stock, simply select the relevant order line and click on "Receive". Enter the quantity of stock received and click on "Update Stock"

If you have received all items from the order, you can also mark it as complete by ticking the "Mark as Complete" option.

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