Staff Permissions (This Point)

Staff permissions for "This Point" control what staff can do on this specific machine - or - point.

This password will need to be entered if any of the following options are checked. Keep this password safe if you wish to use Staff Permissions effectively.

Open Cash Drawer
Stops the ability to open the cash drawer manually. The cash drawer will open without the need for a password after a sale is made.

Remove Single Item
Single items in the list of scanned/entered items cannot be removed without a password.

Cancel Sale/Changes
A wholesale cannot be canceled, or changes cannot be saved without a password. This action will be logged and can be seen under staff reports (actions).

Change Item Price
Single scanned/entered items cannot have their price or discount removed without a password.

Change Item Quantity
Single scanned/entered items cannot have their quantity reduced without a password.

Issue A Refund
Issuing a refund on a completed sale cannot happen without a password. You can see if a sale has been refunded by going into reports and setting the filter to only show refunded sales.

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