Changing Price on Sale Screen

Change Product Pricing in Sale Screen

(Windows ONLY)
Salespoint provides a feature for changing product prices without going to the Dashboard. With just one click, the price of a product can be changed.


To be able to change the price on the sale screen, you must be logged in as an admin.

To change the price on the Sale screen, the Combine Sale Items toggle must be enabled. To do this:

1. On the Dashboard, navigate to Settings.

2. Go to the General Subcategory tab and select the Features section.

3. Enable the "Combine Sale Items" toggle and click save.

To Change Product price on the sale screen:

1. Log in to the Sale screen as an admin.

2. For devices with a mouse, right-click the product and it should show three options. Select Change Price. For touchscreen users, press and hold the product to show the options and select Change Price.

3. Changing the product price will also update the price on the dashboard.

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