Adjusting Product Quantity, Price, Options, Notes, and Discounts

Adjusting Product Details: Quantity, Price, Notes, and Discounts

Actions for Sale Items

To add products to a sale, you have two options: either search for the product or use the product buttons. Once an item is added to the sale, the sale total and item count will automatically increase. If you need to make changes to an item, click on the corresponding product to access the available actions.

Increase or decrease the number of items on the sale.

Override the current price of the item. To revert the price back, select this action again and choose "Standard price."

Apply a discount to the item with a percentage or amount off.

Add notes to the item. This is particularly useful for Hospitality, e.g., if a customer wants to buy a burger without onions.

If a product has selected options, use this action to modify the options of the product.

Remove the item from the current sale.

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