Using the Markup Calculator

Enable Markup Calculator

Using the markup calculator enables automatic calculation of the selling price of a product in your store based on its cost including tax. It calculates the percentage increase in the cost of the product and the amount of markup needed to achieve a certain profit margin.

To enable the Mark Up Calculator function, access the Administration Screen (Dashboard/Back Office), navigate to the "Settings" tab, and open the "Features" section. Within the "Product" category, turn on the "Markup Calculator" option. Finally, click the "Save" button to apply the modification.

How To Use It

  1. To access the pricing section, navigate to the "Products" tab on the dashboard or back office, and either select an existing product to edit or create a new product in the "All Products" sub-category tab. Once you have done that, you will be able to find the pricing section.
  2. Enter the cost of the item you want to markup - including tax in the "Cost" Field.
  3. Enter the markup percentage into the "Mark Up" Field.
  4. Once filled, the feature will automatically compute the selling price of the product.

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