Recreate Customer Order

Recreating Customer Orders

Recall Vs. Recreate

Recall: Recalling a sale refers to the process of retrieving a previous sale, typically for the purpose of completing payment or issuing a refund. This action is necessary when there are pending transactions that need resolution.

Recreate: Recreating a sale involves generating a new instance of a past transaction. This may be necessary for various reasons, such as reprocessing an order, or creating a duplicate sale. Unlike recalling, recreating results in the creation of a new sale record.

Recreate the Order

Recreating a customer's order is a straightforward process, provided they are a registered customer at the store. To recreate the order:

  1. Select the customer button and locate the customer's name from the customer list.
  2. Click on the information icon next to their name to view their customer information.
  3. Navigate to their sales and choose the sale they wish to recreate. Two actions will be displayed: Recall and Recreate. Select "Recreate."

This action will recreate the order, preserving the details of the original sale.

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