Issue a refund

To issue a refund you must recall a completed sale, that is, a sale in which full payment has been received.
An internet connection is required for a refund to process. This is to stop double refunds from happening.

1. Press the refund button.

2. If there is no customer assigned to the sale, you will be asked to add the customer. This is so that a sale may be returned as credit to a customers account.
If you do not wish to refund to a customer account press "Skip".

3. You will be presented with how much the customer will be refunded. Press "Refund sale" to complete the refund.

4. If you are using integrated Eftpos, you will need to follow the prompts to refund the Eftpos amount on the sale. You may need to do some actions on the Eftpos terminal itself.

5. The amount of cash to refund the customer will be displayed, along with a breakdown of payments made.

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