IOS iPad Find Parked Sales

Recall The Sale

The "Recall" Button lets you take orders that need to be either refunded or paid. This button only appears when there is no sale in progress. This will enable recent sales to be refunded and parked sales to be paid. There are two types of Recall: "Sale" and "Table".

Pay for Parked Sale

To find parked food that hasn't been paid yet, click the "Recall" button and then click "Sale". Next, select the "Parked" tab. Find the sale the customer wants to pay for and select it. Once it's recalled, click the "Pay" button to process payment.

Pay for Table Parked Sale

In order to park orders by the table, the table feature must be enabled in the SalesPoint settings. To do this please visit: Enabling Table Feature

To locate unpaid parked food, select the "Recall" button and choose "Table". Locate the table that wants to make a payment and select it. After recalling the order, click on the "Pay" button to initiate the payment process

To learn how to do different payments, please visit: Payment Methods

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