Park and Recall (Layby)

You can park an sale at any time and recall it at a later date. All information about the sale will be preserved.

You can also easily recall any previously made sale whether it was completed or not. You can also recall a sale made on another machine.


To park a sale the sale simply press the park button.

Once a sale has been parked you will be given an ID number to recall that sale. The sale will also be listed under recent sales when you recall. You can also print a receipt which will contain the ID, date, items and any payments made

A successfully parked sale.


To recall a sale there must not be a sale in progress. If there is a sale in progress - simply park it.

Press the "Recall" button to start the recall process.

The recall button will also show the number of parked sales.

The recall screen will provide you with multiple options on how to recall a sale.

  • ID - use a unique ID of a sale
  • Date - search a date range to find a sale
  • Recent - a list of recently made sales on that machine
  • Parked - a list of recently parked sales on that machine
  • Recall for a specific customer...

The sale recall screen.

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