Forget An Account

If you are having trouble with SalesPoint and wish to restart, you can "Forget" your account.

Note: You will NOT lose any products, customers, staff, or sales data. The account will simply be forgotten on that machine.

1. From the Sign-In screen, press the "Menu" icon and click "Forget Store"

There is another way to forget the account if you are having a startup or hardware issue, however, any hardware configuration (including receipt settings) and Un synced data will be lost.

1. Close SalesPoint.

2. From the Windows file explorer go to c:/users/%username%/appdata

3. Open the 'Local' folder and delete the folder 'Holwood_Technologies_Ltd'

4. Go back to the previous folder and open the 'Roaming' folder.

5. Delete the 'SalesPoint' folder.

6. Re-open SalesPoint, sign in to your account, and re-configure your hardware and receipt settings.

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