To set up staff members in your store, log in to your store and go to the Back Office/Dashboard. Here, go to the Settings tab then theStaff subcategory tab.

Each employee will have their username, password, quick code for access, and account permission.

Dashboard - Staff

Add/Edit Staff

To view the list of all the individuals who have access to log into your store account and make sales, navigate to the Staff tab. Start by adding a new team member to your store account by selecting the Add Staff option. To modify an existing staff member’s detail, click on their name.


When a staff member is clicked, this section of allows you to input and update important details about your staff member.

Full name
The full name of the staff member, Only the First name is shown on the receipt (if configured).

Email (not required)
The email address of the staff member. This can be used to sign in.

This username with which your staff member will be signing in.

This is the password with which your staff member will be signing in.

Quick Sign-In Code
(Optional) A unique sign-in for each staff which allows faster signing in to sales only.

Permission Type
Choose the staff member’s permission level; You can select from predefined permission levels such as Sales, Reports, and Admin, or you can create a custom permission level to fit your specific needs. This allows you to control which features and functions of the system each staff member has access to.

Permission Stores
Choose which stores the staff can sign into.


When a staff member is clicked, this section allows you to modify the working hours, break hours, and holidays for your staff member.

Work Hours
Specify the work schedule for the staff. Specify their start time and end time for each day of the week. Alternatively, select the ‘Store Hours’ option if a staff member is scheduled to work the entire day.

Break Hours
Set the break time of the staff member to ensure they have scheduled breaks during their work hours.

Set specific dates for your staff member when they are not available to work.

To view the working hours of your staff members, it is necessary to enable the calendar feature. By enabling this feature, you can access and manage the schedules and working hours of your team members. For more detailed information and instructions on how to utilize this feature, please visit: Setting Up A Calendar For Staff.


This section enables various toggles related to staff operations. Optimize these toggles based on your specific requirements and preferences.


Print Sales Overview on Sign Out
The staff member can print a sales overview while signing out.

Staff Switching

Enable Staff Switching
Allows staff to 'switch' between each other. Switching leaves staff signed in so another staff member can sign in.

If a staff member is an admin and switches - they must sign out and sign back in to access the dashboard.

Switch After Completing A Sale
Automatically switches staff upon completing a sale.

Switch After Parking A Sale
Automatically switches staff upon parking a sale.

Quick Code

Allow Quick Codes
Lets staff sign in with their quick code.

Number of digits for a quick code
Staff members can sign in by entering a pin. The quick code's number of digits can be modified if the feature is activated.

It is recommended to set the number of quick code digits as it will speed up sign-in.


This section allows you to configure permissions for staff members regarding access to products, customers, and the register.


When a staff member is clicked, this section of allows you to input and update important details about your staff member.

Add a Product
It would allow the staff members to create and add a new product to the system.

Add to product stock levels
It would allow the staff members to increase the stock levels of a product in the inventory system.

See cost price
Grant staff permission to view the cost price information of the product.

See wholesale price
Grant staff members to see the bulk price of the product.


Add a customer
It would allow staff members to create new customer profiles in the system.

Pay customer charge
It would allow a staff member to adjust the credit and debit balance of a customer’s account.


Show the expected cash amount on the register
Grant permission to staff members to view the cash amount on the register.

Allow all staff types to close the register
Allow all types of staff to perform the action of closing the register.

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