With SalesPoint, you can retrieve your reports from anywhere and in real-time. To access your reports, use the username you created when you signed up and add to the end of it.

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You can use the Export function to quickly and easily export reports in different formats.


The sales report gives an outline of how well sales have performed within a designated timeframe, often on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

This is used to track and analyze various aspects of sales performance such as as the number of items sold, total income, discounts applied, taxes collected, business profit, and more.

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Sales Ledger

The sales ledger is a system that helps your business keep track of all its sales transactions. It contains important details such as the date and time of the sale, the product purchased, any discounts applied, the total cost, which staff member conducted the transaction, and which store it took place in.

Allows you to choose the status of each transaction, such as whether it is completed, parked, or refunded.

Report type
You have the option to choose between two types of Sales Ledger report. The Sales report provide the overview while the Sale Items report provides a more detailed breakdown of each items sold.


The register report provides a summary of the cash balance in the register, including information on total cash, EFTPOS sales, cash out, and when the register was opened and closed

Allows you to choose the status of the register, such as whethere it is opened or closed.

Report type
You have the option to choose between two types of the Register report. The List report type provides a detailed record of transactions with the register while the Closed Register Summary offers a summarized overview of the register's activity.


The payments report is a summary of all the different payment transactions made in your business, including EFTPOS, cash, charge accounts, bank deposits, and other payment methods.

Allows you to filter by transaction status, such as completed, parked, or refunded.

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Charge Account

The charge account feature is only available if it is enabled. This report displays a list of customers who used the charge account payment method, including whether it was a credit or a debit transaction.

Report Type
You have the choice of three customer charge account report options: Payments provides an overview of registered customer transactions and the payment methods used, Balances presents the credit and debit details for registered customers, and Statements offers a comprehensive summary of account activity.


This report provides details such as the current stock levels of each product, the total number of sales for each product, the markup applied to each product, and any new or updated products in your store. The products report helps you keep track of your inventory for making informed decisions about your product offerings.


The staff report furnishes comprehensive information regarding the activities and performance of your employees.

Report Type
Please choose the report category you wish to access. This encompasses details such as the count of their sales transactions, the cumulative commission they have earned, their logged working hours, and the specific actions they have taken during their sales activities.

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