The dashboard, which is traditionally referred to as the “Back office”, is the central location where the administration can manage the business.

Access Your Dashboard

Your dashboard can be accessed from either the app or a web browser.

To access the app: Log in using your store details including your username and password. Staff Accounts with admin privileges can also use their credentials to access the dashboard.

To access through a web browser: Enter your store’s address into the address bar to log in eg. Mystore.salespoint.nz

Dashboard Tabs

The dashboard provides a quick overview of your sales, products, transactions, and customers.

Generated reports on your sales, products, customers, payments, register, and staff.

You can manage your products, product discounts and categories, suppliers, and stock control through this tab.

Through the dashboard, this tab can let you access your customer’s information, categories, and invoices.

This tab allows you to sell your products online.

Configure information about y our business and enable toggles and features that you can use to optimize your business setup.

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